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Lixing Advanced Materials Added 110,000 Tons of Lithium Battery Electrolyte Solvent Project Officially Started


On February 6, 2023, the groundbreaking ceremony of Shandong Lixing Advanced Material Technology Co., LTD. 's new 110,000 tons of lithium battery electrolyte solvent project was successfully held in the company, marking another key step in the company's project construction process. Tancheng County People's Congress Standing Committee, Deputy Secretary of the party group, Deputy Director Wang Junjie, Deputy County Head, Public Security Bureau Director Zhou Zhen, Chongfang Town Party Committee Secretary Wang Chuanhai, Deputy Secretary of the Town Party Committee, Mayor Yu Shengfei, company Chairman Zhang Guangzhi, General Manager Zhang Junkai, Security Director Qu Shengang and other Chongfang Town leaders, employee representatives and construction representatives of nearly 70 people to participate in the ceremony.


It is reported that the new 110,000 tons lithium battery electrolyte solvent project of Lixing Advanced Materials is the key project of the company's construction in 2023. Compared with the previous company's Propylene Carbonate project, Vinyl Carbonate project and Methyl Cthyl Carbonate/Diethyl Carbonate co-production device project, this project occupies a wide area, has a large investment amount and a large new capacity. The advanced degree of equipment and product technology have been significantly improved. The total investment of the project is 320 million yuan. The project construction includes 110,000 tons of lithium battery electrolyte solvent project production equipment and supporting loading and unloading area, tank area and pipe hall, etc., upgrading and transforming vinyl carbonate, propylene carbonate facilities and equipment. After the project is put into operation, the annual output value can be increased by about 800 million yuan, the tax revenue is 30 million yuan, and the number of new jobs is 50. It is expected that the company's annual production capacity will reach 190,000 tons, and it will become one of the few domestic manufacturers that can simultaneously produce these five types of electronic grade lithium battery electrolyte solvents.


Start ceremony, Tancheng County and Zhongfang Town leaders on the company's new 110,000 tons of lithium battery electrolyte solvent project to congratulate and carry out the next stage of work guidance. Mr. Zhang Junkai, general manager of Lixing Advanced Materials, expressed his gratitude to leaders at all levels, friends from all walks of life and cooperating units for long-term support and attention to the project. He said that the construction of the project will further promote the production capacity supplement and industrial transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. The company will uphold the concept of this project as a project and image project, strictly grasp the quality, and cooperate closely with the construction party. Ensure that the construction materials are qualified and the construction process is standardized, strictly control the working procedures of the construction process, ensure quality, quantity, and complete the construction tasks of the project on time, and promote the early completion of the project, early production, and early social benefits.