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Best Tattoo Shops in Delhi

Does the thought of getting a tattoo scare of you? Majority of the people believe that getting inked is a painful procedure. When you choose the best tattoo shops in Delhi, your fears will bid adieu soon enough! The truth is that in ancient times, the process of tattoo making was even more painful. With new tools and techniques, tattooing has become less painful and safer.

Best Tattoo Shops in Delhi

In Ancient times, the tribal people used to cut designs into the skin. It was painful and blood would ooze out. Ah! Yes, it sounds painful and discomforting. The good news is that the new techniques use safe pigment, and fresh needles which do not hurt as much.

Here is a post which convinces you that getting inked is safe and not as painful. Also, we always suggest the readers to opt for the best tattoo shops in Delhi! We have also disclosed the finest tattoo studio in town. Read on to find out more about the best tattoo shops in Delhi. Wait! There’s just one such studio which maintains International standards of tattooing.

Traditional Tattooing V/s Modern Tattooing

After watching the painful tattoo making procedure on National Geographic, a lot of people thought that the modern tattooing techniques are as painful. Traditional tattooing was all about cutting designs into the skin with sharp objects. Some cultures still continue this practice and it seems like a horrifying experience because it leaves wounds on the skin.

Modern tattooing is different and improved. We find many people, who wish to ink the name of their beloved lover or something they believe in. It could be a black cat, Medusa, moon or even the name of your loved one. An electric tattoo machine is used for the procedure. A single needle is used and it is just for one-time use. The modern tattooing procedure focuses on hygiene and it is the best way to go about it. That’s not enough!

Just because modern tattooing is less painful and uses a modern machine does not mean that you would choose any tattoo parlour. It is important for you to choose the best tattoo shops in Delhi. You must never go for unauthorized shops because you never know whether they are using fresh needles or equipments or not. Even the pigment should be safe for your skin.

In the next section, we shall discuss the best tattoo shops in Delhi. As we mentioned before, there is just one on our mind!

The Best Tattoo Shops in Delhi – Which one to choose?

When you type ‘best tattoo shops in Delhi’ in Google search engine, you will find many results. Delhi is a metropolitan city, and you will find a number of tattoo artists on the road, in the malls and marketplaces. The key is to choose a tattoo artist, who is registered and has the right tools for tattooing.

We wouldn’t suggest the readers to opt for a shortcut and cheaper alternative. Majority of the people do not think before getting inked and they visit the nearest tattoo parlour without checking whether it is authorized or not. Once you get an infected tattoo, your health will be at risk. Most of the infections carried by needles can be deadly!

When we talk about best tattoo shops in Delhi, we think of Celebrity Ink Tattoo. This brand has a studio in Phuket, Australia, East Asia, and now they have opened a brand new and happening studio in New Delhi! Yes, Celebrity Ink Tattoo is in DELHI now!

You may want a simple flower or a complicated design on your skin. Not every tattoo artist in Delhi can give you the exact design that you wish for. At Celebrity Ink Tattoo, you get what you desire and you go back with fond memories and a great experience.

Words from the Wise

If you are seriously thinking of getting inked, you must choose the best tattoo shops in Delhi! A simple design may take 20 minutes and a complicated design requires more time and a professional tattoo artist should be on your list. Well, Celebrity Ink tattoo is the finest in town and you should not be looking anywhere else!


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