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Colourful or Black? What do Tattoo artists in Delhi Recommend? - Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo New Delhi

Colourful or Black? What do Tattoo artists in Delhi Recommend?

Thinking of getting your first ever tattoo? Hold that thought, my friend! We usually rush into the decision of getting a tattoo and regret it later. We have seen many people regretting the fact that they did not choose a good tattoo artist or they went for the first design that they saw online. Choosing a design is very important because you do not want to regret it later. If you are not able to think of a design, the Delhi best tattoo artists can help you out.

Tattoo artists in Delhi

The question is – Do you want a colorful tattoo or something in black? Different people would have different opinions on this. What do the Delhi best tattoo artists suggest? Well, here is a post which discloses the same for you. An expert opinion is always good before you think of getting inked.

Find out everything you need to know about coloured tattoos and the black ones.

Coloured V/s Black and White Tattoos

Your dilemma is to choose between coloured tattoos and the black ones. We will make it a little easy for you! We asked several tattoo artists and they explained it really well.

Black Tattoos –

  • They are inexpensive as compared to the coloured ones. When you are getting a coloured tattoo, it requires colour pigments.
  • It requires less time as compared to the coloured ones.
  • Good for darker skin tones.
  • You would require a professional tattoo artist to give you that extra-ordinary tattoo look.

Coloured Tattoos –

  • The artist can create dramatic tattoos which allow room for creative expression.
  • It may require more time.
  • It will be expensive as compared to black ones. Of course it takes more time, skill, and effort.
  • It can cover existing tattoos.

Speaking to a Professional Tattoo Artist: Recommended

The Delhi best tattoo artists will be able to tell you whether a coloured one would suit you or not. There are certain types of colours which may not look as appealing on a darker skin tone. Similarly you may find that some tattoo designs do not require colour. For example, a black kitten looks classy on the wrist or the back of the neck.

If it is a written text, it would look great in black. Different designs may require different colours or you may even choose to leave the colour aspect.

Choose Delhi Best Tattoo Artists to Get the Desired Design

 If getting inked is on your mind then Celebrity Ink Tattoo Studio should be on your list. In fact, it should be on top of the list because it houses the Delhi best tattoo artists. Whenever you plan to get inked, head to this studio located in SDA market in South Delhi.

The artists are professionally trained and you would be happy to know that Celebrity Ink is a famous brand across the globe. When you visit Thailand Australia or Indonesia, the locals would recommend this studio without a shade of doubt. Whether it is a colourful tattoo or a black one, Celebrity Ink is the best destination for getting inked. The tattoo artists would be happy to sit with you and recommend the best design for your body. Your search ends here!

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