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Different Styles of Tattoos Done by Celebrity Ink’s Delhi Tattoo Design Studio - Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo New Delhi

Different Styles of Tattoos Done by Celebrity Ink’s Delhi Tattoo Design Studio

Say hello to one of the finest tattoo studios in the world – Celebrity Ink Tattoo Studio. We are often confused about the right place for getting inked. The good news is that your search ends here! You do not have to look for a safe and trusted place for getting inked because Celebrity Ink has opened its door for Delhi people. Yes, you should feel happy that we are here from Australia and your body is in safe hands.

Delhi Tattoo Design Studio

When we think of getting a tattoo, we should shortlist a design that we want. You can talk to the artists about giving it an edge but you must figure out as to what you really want on your body. If you are looking for the best Delhi tattoo designs, the artists at Celebrity Ink will be happy to help you to choose a design. In fact, they have some original works for you to choose from.

Here is a post which talks about the different styles of tattoos done by Celebrity Ink’s India Tattoo Studio. Before we learn about the Delhi tattoo designs, it is advisable to know the history of this brand!

Is Celebrity Ink a well-known tattoo studio?

Celebrity Ink Tattoo Studio started its journey as a small tattoo studio in Phuket. When you visit Thailand, Australia or Indonesia, the locals would recommend this studio for getting inked. It is hygienic and popular only because it has trained professionals, who make beautiful designs.

The studio is spacious and the trained tattoo artists make sure that they follow all the protocols. They use fresh needles and pigment trays. In a nutshell, you would get superior services here. The brand has received countless awards and you will find branches of Celebrity Ink across the globe which also includes Australia and Thailand.

This world famous tattoo parlour has opened its doors for the New Delhi crowd and now your body is in safe hands! We would recommend getting your first tattoo making experience from Celebrity Ink!

Trending Delhi Tattoo Designs at Celebrity Ink

Speaking of Delhi tattoo designs, the artists would be happy to make anything that your heart desires. However, there is a list through which you can choose from.

We have listed the types of Delhi tattoo designs that the studio offers. Check it out!

  • Black and grey Tattoos
  • Cover up Tattoos
  • Colour Tattoos
  • Mandala Tattoos
  • Portrait Tattoos
  • Sleeve Tattoos
  • Traditional Phuket Tattoos
  • Water Colour Tattoos
  • Writing Tattoos

The list just does not end! The key is that you can get any type of design that you like. You will find the best Delhi tattoo designs at Celebrity Ink, SDA market.

Which one to opt for?

You may fancy a coloured tattoo or something in black. How about going for traditional Phuket Delhi Tattoo designs? Change is the spice of life and trying a new design may make you a trend setter.

You can book an appointment and speak to the professional tattoo artists. They would help you to make a decision regarding the tattoo. Will a coloured tattoo suit you? Would the design match your persona? Speak to the artists before making a decision! Guess what? They don’t charge you for taking an expert opinion!

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